Mika H. Laybourn DK  /  EN

Hi, I'm Mika!

I am a trained and qualified Graphic Designer with experience working at- and with large corporations – the latest being Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). My expertise includes corporate branding, personal branding, campaign content design, marketing & SoMe, UI/UX design, photography, drone photography and image processing – so in short, a pretty good all-in-one package.

Since Danish Broadcasting Corporation however, I'm headed back to my childhood dream, and now work as a S-train driver at Danish State Railways (DSB). 6 months prior, I was an Operational Lead in the DSB Train Operations Center, with responsibility for all of our onboard train crew.

Outside of working hours, I'm a volunteer graphic designer, SoMe Manager and camera operator at the Danish Skating Union – if I am not on the ice myself

However, as a qualified Graphic Designer, I am still available for freelance graphic design!